Nasty Cushman Nic Salt in Karachi

Get ready to experience the perfect combination of sweet and sour with Nasty Cushman Nic Salt. This e-liquid features a juicy ripe mango flavor blended with a zesty lime twist, providing a refreshing and flavorful vaping experience.

Nasty Cushman SaltNic is a high-quality nicotine salt e-liquid that offers a smooth throat hit and fast nicotine delivery. This e-liquid comes in a 10ml bottle with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, making it perfect for pod systems and other low-wattage devices. With its unique and delicious flavor profile, Nasty Cushman SaltNic is a must-try for any vaper looking for a new all-day vape.

Nasty Cushman Nic Salt Features:

  • 10ml bottle size
  • 50/50 VG/PG ratio
  • High-quality nicotine salt e-liquid
  • Refreshing mango lime flavor profile


  • Smooth throat hit
  • Fast nicotine delivery
  • Perfect for use in pod systems and low-wattage devices
  • The delicious and unique flavor profile


Fill your favorite pod system or low-wattage device with Nasty Cushman SaltNic and enjoy the refreshing combination of juicy mango and zesty lime. Start with a lower wattage and work your way up to find your preferred flavor and nicotine satisfaction level. Always prime your coils before use and keep your e-liquid out of reach of children and pets.